You already use Opera on desktop – time to bring it to your mobile phone

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Konu Başlığı You already use Opera on desktop – time to bring it to your mobile phone
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Hey readers,

So you broke with the default and chose Opera as your go-to desktop browser. You love the trademark blend of speed, security, and customization that makes Opera the only portal to the web for you. But you don’t yet use Opera on your phone.

Well, why not? All of those same great features that you know and love – and plenty more besides – are available on Opera for Android and Opera for iOS. Plus, your Opera account allows you to enjoy a seamless and unified browsing experience when using services like My Flow.

Let’s dive in and unpack some of what our mobile browsers have to offer – and why Opera is the perfect choice for you – both on desktop and mobile.

Get rid of annoying ads and unwanted cookie dialogs with built-in ad blocker and cookie dialog blocker​


You know and love Opera’s ad blocker because it saves you from having to click away unwanted advertisements while also protecting you from potentially malicious code. Well, did you know that it’s also seamlessly integrated into Opera’s flagship mobile platforms? And not just that, but a built-in cookie dialog blocker as well? So say goodbye to all those annoying ads and intrusive cookie dialog pop-ups – experience ad-free mobile browsing, all while saving on your precious mobile data.

Stay safe online with a free, built-in VPN​


So you care about your privacy. Great, we do too! That’s why Opera offers a free, built-in VPN on all its platforms – including Opera Android and iOS. Our free VPN service doesn’t require a subscription, any additional extensions, and you don’t even need to log into an account – all you have to do is to flip a switch in the main menu to browse in peace, since we make sure that VPN traffic is encrypted and your IP address remains private. A no-log service, our VPN doesn’t collect any personal data or information related to your browsing history or originating network address. So, with your anonymity ensured, you can access fast and secure virtual locations around the world.

Opera for Android additionally features our VPN Pro, offering device-wide protection for up to six Android and desktop devices with just one subscription. With access to over 3,000 private servers in over 30 countries, the speedy VPN Pro allows you to stream videos, download files and browse privately while enjoying serious privacy and security.

Let the Aria browser AI give you superpowers​


Have you tried our free and up-to-date browser AI, Aria? Aria is useful for all sorts of things: intelligent recommendations, directions and itineraries, product queries – even help with coding! Well, the same account that you use on desktop is, through your Opera account, available to you on our mobile platforms. So whether you’re at home or on the go, Aria is your browsing copilot, providing you with personalized feedback, instant answers to your queries, and a more intuitive browsing experience overall.

Have all your files where you want them with My Flow​

Do you ever wish there was a more efficient way to share links, notes, or files between your devices? Well, there is! It’s called My Flow, an in-browser solution that allows for quick, secure sharing between your computer and phone. Anything you might want to save and revisit later on another device, like recipes, photos, important documents, memes – My Flow lets you effortlessly transfer content across your devices.

Customize your Opera to make it your own​

Did you know that you can customize Opera on both Android and iOS? With a wide range of color themes, seasonally updated wallpapers, browser appearance modifications, and customizable shortcuts, you can truly make Opera your own.


So why wait when Opera’s "*****" it all? Scan the QR code to download Opera for Android or Opera for iOS and experience the future of browsing, today.

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